16 January 2007

I can be just as sneaky.

Crew control, give it a rest.

I was woken up early by a call from them but i have learnt my lesson, never answer unless you want to. Last time i picked up they put me on a 9day trip! Today i have a short turnaround and the last thing i want is for them to change it - esp since my cousin is here. And guess what they want to do? Put me on a 3 day trip. HA! How do i know? I signed into my friends account and went through the different flights till i found my name on the crew list.

Bugger off CC, they have called me no less than 5 times since 8.30 am this morning! Im not doing them any favours coz i know they wont do me any. Ugh!

That aside, since i was so rudely woken up i checked out Trays site and did the "What airline are you?" quiz. Since it had such a cool result i decided to post it. Apparently im a Seychelles!! Hee hee, me like very much.


What Airline Are You?

You are Air Seychelles. You are laid back and relaxing. An easy-going person like you knows how to kick back. You could live your life island hopping, taking in local cultures and pursuing exciting water sports. Eat it up, but be careful, you might get sunburned one of these days.
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EDIT 10.56am: But CC can be sneakier!!!

Bugger! and double BUGGER!!! Guess what they did? They called my flatmate! She was on standby this morning and they called her in for my flight and then asked her if she was my flatmate and if they could please talk to me since they had been having no luck reaching me - those sneaky little bastards!............ So looks like im on that BKK flight after all and there is one girl on it who i really dont want to fly with too.

Freaking little rats. I hate CC.



  1. Oh geez. Don't you hate that!! I once answered my phone over an hour after my reserve ended, by msitake, and got rostered a flight (a really crappy one). Boy was I mad when I realised the sneaky buggers didn't even tell me I was off reserve!!! Grrr

    I've programmed our CC numberinto my phone with its own ringtone, so Ican tell... I've put my airline logo on it too as Caller ID so I don't even have to TOUCH my phone to know who it is... :p

    Ok now flatmate needs to learn the line 'She's not here right now" :p

  2. Sheesh, that does suck. I do have the no programmed into my phone too but me thinks flatmate really needs to learn that line. I'll be sure to suggest it to her. :)