21 January 2007

Cairo collapse.

Hearing: Elissa - Law Ta3refo (Arabic - my cousins suggestion)

Yesterday i was called off my standby for a CAI flight. Turns out i was the only Arabic speaker (way to go CC) but it was ok. I was Business galley and it was a smooth flight till we hit a medical situation. On the way back we had just finished with the service and i was making a pax a cup of coffee when one of the girls looking all flustered came up to me. "You the Arabic speaker?" I had barely said yes before she had grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the galley through the cabin and into economy...

There I saw a guy collapsed in the isle and our CM lifting his legs and calling out to him to see if he could respond. Luckily there was another guy on our crew, with his help the CM dragged the poor man into the galley. Also as luck would have it one of the girls was a trained nurse so she handled most of it but i was there since there was a strong chance the guy couldn't speak English (and he couldn't). I'm sure every airline has this, we contacted a medical center via satellite phone to get permission for hypo stop gel. As it turns out the man had diabetes and his sugar level had dropped. It wasn't a serious form as he didn't use insulin and he refused the hypo stop gel, instead we gave him just some sugar dissolved in water once he regained consciousness after putting him oxygen.

I admit that initially i was worried especially since he wasn't responding but as he was breathing and i could see his eyes flicker under his lids i knew he was just unconscious. Once he started to slowly come out of it and was able to talk a little i was able to explain what happened, ask a few questions, tell him what we were doing etc. He didn't seem surprised at what had happened (apparently its happened a few times before) though he did seem relieved that there was someone who he could communicate with. Slowly he got better and i kept talking to him asking how he was feeling, making jokes and such and then we sat him in business for landing since the airport doc's had already been alerted to what happened and would be waiting for us. He was fine but the docs had to check him anyway. Really a nice guy, good humored too and thankfully it turned out ok and wasn't as bad as it could have been.

One gripe i really have to air is the total lack of consideration shown by the rest of the pax. Though the rest of the crew continued with the normal service i had some really inconsiderate B**tard tell me to take their trays as they guy was being dragged past them. Another kept sticking his head into the galley asking for coffee when he could clearly see the man on the floor with us occupied with doing what we could for him! What was he thinking????!!! Honestly people, do i have to say it? When there is a medical situation, cut the crew a break! Be patient, yes we still try our best to complete a service but believe it or not, it is not our priority, saving a life is, so just get real and don't be so stupid! Sad to say but this is also going under flying 101. Ugh! *eye roll*

Anyway, kudos to the CM, Captain who was just as supportive and helpful and nurse. They were great, and kudos to me too, just coz i can! LOL.



  1. Ugh. Passengers can be such meatheads sometimes. I (fingers crossed) have yet to havea major medical problem onboard. I'm freaking out about it already!!

  2. Lol, yes they can. I'll cross my fingers for you too though im sure if something did happen on board youd be pro at handling it.