21 December 2006

Glu wine, antlers and red hats.

Hearing: German Music (MTV)

7.18am Munich.

Morning. Thought I'd drop in and say hello before my flight back to the sandpit today. This layover has been short but fun. The whole crew - every last one - which is unusual went out together. Yesterday, after meeting for drinks at the CMs room, we walked around the village of Landshut. We checked out the Christmas markets, had dinner, (they) drank loads of Glu Wine and froze our butts off!!!

Did i mention we did all of it wearing silly Christmas hats? No? Well allow me to put it this way...while we were taking photos of the village/markets/each other, the locals were taking photos of US!!! LMAO!!!

It was great fun. For once we were the loud bunch having people stare as we walked by or look out their windows wondering what was going on instead of it usually being the other way round! Anyways, enjoy the photos, I'm off to get ready.


How cool is this? They have outdoor heaters, and blankets to keep you warm!

Yes ladies and gents, thats was me wearing a dorky red hat - have your laugh, go on.

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