26 December 2006

Flying 101

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to VPs flying 101. If you are sitting at the back please leave the spitballs till after class and pay close attention. We will be covering safety, security, patience, politeness and above all common sense and courtesy. And I'm not just talking to you passengers today, some of you crew can also learn a thing or two. Oh and if you don't like it you don't have to be here, kapeesh?

(These are my own rules from my experiences onboard with crew and passengers, each one is based on an experience and will have the supporting post linked to it. Please don't copy without permission - linking is welcome, VP.)

Welcome to Flying 101

26 dec 06

DON'T just sit wherever you like, ask the crew first.

DO sit where your boarding card says your seat is especially if its a short or full flight, if your travelling with your family but are sitting separately just deal with it.

3- DON'T check in late and then complain that your family isn't sitting together.

21 jan 07

4- DON'T be impatient and inconsiderate if there is a medical situation you can see the crew are dealing with. They will get to your tea/coffee whatever when they can, a persons life has a higher priority.

5- DO tell crew if you have a medical problem or if during the flight you start to feel sick. Trust me we want to know and prevention is waaaay better than having you collapse or become seriously ill.

19 apr 07

6- DO wear shoes whenever you use the lavatory. They are not clean even if they look it.

7- DO try as much as possible to stay within your seat and not to stretch out into the aisle unless your ready for a few bumps and bruises.

26 apr 07

8- DO keep your seatbelts fastened loosly, make sure we can see them, put them over your blanket. We dont like waking you when we're going through turbulance to make sure you have them on.

9- DONT touch the bread. Its gross. (First and Business class specific)

10- DONT complain that you didnt get your meal. Catering only gives us a set amount. Check in early and sit at the front or, when you book specify a meal.

11- DO get out of your seat to go to the galley (not during a service though!) if you want something.


  1. Do not, i repeat, DO NOT stack your family's five trays on top of each other, along with your KFC boxes, dirty wet wipes and numerous other rubbish, and try to hand it to me when I am serving dinner to the pax across the aisle. And don't even THINK about putting it on top of the meal trays when I'm turned around.

    Ditto for asking for the meals your 'kids didn't want', when you know full well that kids nursed on laps aren't entitled to a meal./ i DO have other pax to serve, you know!!

    Thank you. *smiles*

  2. LOL! Absolutely! Someone tell me how on earth they can possibly think these are good ideas?

  3. I too, hate the 'sit where you like' mindset that pax have these days. Except it probably matters much more on my aircraft than on yours (you guys won't keel over if the fat guy goes and sits down the back!!) :p