15 December 2006

Desert Safari

Irreplaceable - Beyonce

Yesterday my flatmate E, her father and I went on a half day desert safari. It was great fun dune bashing, (though difficult to take pictures) running around the desert and my fav, sitting around the fire, after dinner, the camp lights switched off so it was pitch black and feeling as if you were surrounded by stars.

Hold on and don't look down!

Dune bashing...

This hill doesn't look it but its damn high and check out the tire tracks to see where we got up to.

Camels and a beautiful sunset

I want one!

Camp for dressups, bellydancing, food and sheesha round a cozy fire (my flatmate, I cant stand the stuff).

One last toilet break before heading home...indoor plumbing in the middle of the desert anyone?? I couldn't believe it. LOL!

A great day, lots of fun, from the


  1. Anonymous12:50 am

    finally get to see you in a ninja suit! :-)ADM

  2. LOL! Yeah well you did always wonder and now you know. Btw I got your sms as I was heading off to Manila, thankee, very sweet.

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