03 November 2006

Stonehenge - England

I just got back from my trip to Southampton to visit Stonehenge. I took the National Express 11am bus from Victoria station (15.60pounds) and only got back after 11pm.

It was such a long time just travelling (driving would have been better) but it was a place I've always wanted to visit and worth the long trip. So after 5.90pounds entry and a free audio guide later i made it there. I took some great photos since I was there for the sunset and listened to some interesting information about the place. It was lovely experience.

You can actually see the site from the road if you drive past so you don't have to pay if you are just passing through the area and want to see it. The other thing is the site is roped off as you can see in some of the photos and its to stop people climbing all over it or (and it has been done) taking pieces of it.

And now I just want to sleep. Enjoy the rest of the photos :)


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