06 November 2006

Hello Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle

A view from the Royal Mile to Edinburgh Castle. One of the buildings on the left is a brewery but used to be a school and, if you look closely, still has the name carved in to the stone at the top.

The view (left) from the square outside the ED.

A model of Edinburgh Castle displayed inside one of the rooms.

Photos as I walked around the castle and views from it of Edinburgh.

An interesting little aspect - a dogs graveyard. A place where all the mascots and military dogs were buried.

One of the oldest buildings in all of Edinburgh is little St. Margarets Chapel, and it really is little, a dozen people inside would make the place feel crowded! And believe it or not weddings still take place here.

There is a Prisoners of War (POW) exhibit reconstructed to reflect how things were, but i think you need to add a lot more dirt and hammocks since I doubt it was as clean or spacious as my photos shows. As you walk through you can hear excerpts of conversations of past prisoners.

The Palace

The War Memorial

Edinburgh Castle lit up at night

Actually I'm surprised I didn't take more photos, esp ones of Mons Meg or the time gun. I guess if you really wanted to see them and more you could just Google Edinburgh Castle. Sorry guys, I must have been too engrossed in the audio tour.


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