05 November 2006

Fireworks and Friends

Hearing: TV noise

So i just got into Edinburgh (EDI), Scotland. My little hotel is so nice, very cute and despite the lack of elevator and the long climb to the top i know im going to like it here. The first shock EDI gave to my system was as i was coming in by bus from the airport my first glimpse of Edinburgh Castle. I wasnt even expecting it, i was just looking out of the window watching the B&B's, people and shops go by and then we turned and BAM it was there and all i could do was stare totally stunned. A short walk
from the bus stop to the "new town" and im here. You cant see it but there is a flatscreen tv hung on the wall next to the cupboard.

Yesterday was my last day in London. I had a fantastic time. I have to admit i was a little worried at first about crashing at my friend Amandas place since she shared it with 2 other couples but they all made me feel really welcome. Sam, who kept me laughing the whole time, cornered me the minute he got a chance to grill me with questions about being a flight attendant, what really goes on onboard and why are we so rude..??? LOL! Suzie, his girlfriend, is lovely and very sweet. She organised for us to go see the fireworks last night and was really upset when we we ran late - dont worry Suzie, i still had a great time just hanging out with everyone later at the bar, thanks so much.
So here is a photo of us at the fireworks all rugged up since it was quite cold. Its me (left), Damo (Amandas boyfriend), Sam and Suzie.

Suzie and Amanda - classy girls drinking wine.

No they are not drunk...Just a lovely pose for the photo - Sam and Damo.

I really had a great time. Thanks guys so much for everything i really enjoyed my time and getting to know you a little. Manda, it was great catching up with you after so long, have a blast on your trip with Damo to NYC you lucky girl, cant wait to see the photos. Take care and lot of hugs.

Rightio think its time to go find some dinner...


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