16 October 2006

How embarrassing...

Hearing: Butterfly - Crazytown

On a recent Paris layover I had the lovely opportunity of embarrassing myself by gracefully falling hard on my butt! And what brought about this lovely display of clumsiness? I was being chased by a madman, aka, my CM. Could I help it if I found it hilarious that he stepped in doggy doo? Besides I wasn't the only one laughing and he as such a stick up his butt about being perfect that it just added to a lovely moment... :)
So as I was running for my life an ingenious idea popped into my head that if I just stepped to the side at one stage he would just shoot past me, which he did, but I didn't see the half exposed drain, tripped and, in true VP "unco-ness", landed painfully on my butt!! Oh the shame...hahaha, nah it was all good, I got helped up and could never live that moment down for the rest of the trip but it was funny and I did laugh at myself too.

On another note flying back we were crossing a thunderstorm below us and I managed to get a few photos. They aren't that good since I only had a small window and lightning is wicked fast (duh!) But still I think they are quite rare, I've cropped them to show mainly the lightning through the clouds rather than vast amounts of black space (I couldn't use zoom not knowing where it was going to hit next).


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