29 October 2006

Arrive Istanbul, Turkey

Hearing: Turkish TV background noise

I've finally arrived in IST after a day delay, a nerve-racking wait on sby at the airport (the perils of travelling on ID90 tix) and finally finding a hotel to stay in, I'm here. Exhale.

The drive in was interesting in itself. The driver, speaking in broken english, told me a little about himself and pointed out the different areas as we went along.

The hotel is so far so good, clean, subtly decorated and is in the centre of the old city Sulthanmet and has a rooftop terrace overlooking the Marmara.
My only concern at the moment is that it seems to be in a bit of a dodgy area. I've booked 5nights here since my first booking with another hotel fell through (they said they had availability but didn't really) but tomorrow is a new day, I'll go out exploring and if I still don't like this place I'll look around for another one.

Till then I'm going to crash since I haven't had much sleep, night all.


EDIT: This place is perfect actually, not in the touristy area where all the hostels are and more where the residents are and close to the tramway. Its perfect.

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