10 September 2006

This is a bit extreme.

Crew chatting

Im on my way to LHR, its an early morning flight and our CM being out of the ordinary has let the crew read magazines or newspapers. Ive been going through one of the local papers to the sandpit and other than finding that their reporting skills are pretty bad i came across some interesting articles.

Saudia Arabia, being one of the most religious and strict countries in the gulf region, is changing its laws once again. This time its to put a stop to expat co-ed schools. There are approximately 150 schools which will be effected. Their reasoning is that people living is Saudi should respect the religion and this is part of it. So now the only co-ed institutions are those run by diplomatic missions. Personally i understand that religion in the gulf is a big deal but i also think that a co-ed school is important especially for expats, all their kids cant possibly go to embassy run schools.

Did you know that in Islamabad, Pakistan if a woman is raped, under Sharia Law she must provide 4 witnesses to be able to prosecute her attacker (wtf??) If she cant then she risks being conviceted of adultery, a "crime" which can be punishable by death. The article i read says there is a new bill being proposed and 'they' are trying to push it through to protect women. Since the article didnt provide any details on how, im a little skeptical, but its a step in the right direction. Im not ignorant of such goings on in the world and i know there is a lot worse but its still a shock everytime.


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