11 September 2006

A royal engagement

Hearing: Tv noise

Its another short London for me. This morning i headed into the city to pay a visit to Buckingham Palace. Every year during the summer months they open up state rooms for public viewing while the Queen is in Scotland holidaying.

14pounds a long cue, lots of waiting and an audio guide later i finally began the tour of the 19 rooms. People were everywhere, and it seemed to be a popular thing to do for the mid 30's and up. There were a few young people here and there but i could count each one.

Photography wasnt allowed so sorry guys, these photos are only from the grounds of the Palace. Entry through security was like going into the american embassey back in Sydney, no water was allowed in, nothing in your pockets and no large bags. The audio guide was really good, not lengthy or tiresome but succinct and provided clear facts.

The rooms are normally in use so it was interesting to see them from that perspective. From another it was like a museum or art gallery. The attention to detail, the pieces of artwork collected by several monarchs through the years; It was definately an experiance seeing where everything happens up close. By far my favourite room had to be the music room.

Im flying home tonight sept 11...ive got goose bumps.


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