20 September 2006

New friends, new projects, new perspectives

PCD album

Just when it you think 'that's it I cant take anymore' things change. I've been going through a rough time recently, the past few days have been especially difficult and I've been trying to keep myself distracted as a way of dealing. Then things changed. An old work colleague of mine re-entered my life and we're slowly becoming friends. I haven't said anything about what I've been going through and despite that we've been having those conversations where everything is said seems to be directly for my benefit and to help me out. Someone up there really must be looking out for me and I feel so lucky.

Then another old friend who a while asked me a while back to build a basic website for him contacted me again to see if I'm still willing to do it. Naturally I said yes and that's given me a project to keep me occupied and its something I enjoy doing so all the better.

In light of everything I've gained a new perspective on life and people. I wont go all D&M on you but it enough to say that it fits in perfectly with who I am and has made me feel comfortable in my own skin again. I've still got a bit to work through but its not as daunting as it was.

Forgiving people and yourself is extremely difficult but very liberating. Leaving the past behind and the future in the future will save you a lot of grey hairs and wrinkles. Do what you can so you never have to wonder 'what if' and what's meant to be will be. Sounds logical right? LOL! Its one thing to accept it and understand it and quite another to live it.



  1. "Quando menos esperamos, algo de maravilhoso acontece. Esse é o segredo da vida"

    "When we less expect, sometinhg wonderfull happens. That´s the secret of life"

    Forgive me my english :)


  2. Thanks Pinkinha, I couldnt agree more.