22 September 2006

Early Morning London

Hearing: birds chirping outside

Ive woken up really early this morning to sweet sweet rain!!! Its so nice. The sky is dark outside and theres this quiet coolness. I had to open up my balcony door and just breathe in the fresh air, its such a nice change from hot sticky weather and continuous heat.

Yesterdays flight was a nice one. I was working in business and we were full but the pax were nice. I had these two mates who were constantly teasing each other. One insisted the other was an alcoholic while he downed a bottle of red wine himself and the other insisted he wasnt while drinking a bottle of champagne! LOL! The flight had a very light load otherwise and crew kept going to other areas to chat and stay awake.

Unfortunately all my good work was undone after we landed. The ground staff at heathrow didnt realise which aircraft we were in (???) and didnt pull us in enough so the tail of the aircraft was stickingout into the taxiway!! Oooh the pax werent happy. We had to wait an hour before we were moved. And to make things worse everytime the captain made a PA he couldnt be heard. At one point i went upto the flightdeck to see what was going on myself and then instead of explaining individually to each pax stood upfront and told everyone what i knew. I couldnt make a PA since my CM had dibs on that and was feeling very territorial so i did what i could, i think the pax appreciated the gesture and were less willing to kill me as much as the other crew after that!!! LOL!

Still a bit sleepy so might crawl back into bed before wake up in 4 hours. Will leave the balcony door open though *grin*.


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