24 September 2006

A close call...

Hearing: Ironic - Alanis

Ramadan Kareem everyone!

Yesterday I had a night flight to Bombay. Everything started out ok same as usual. We had just finished the service upfront when the Captain calls and tells us basically we are to turn around and go back to base because there is a problem with the hydraulics - a leak or something. I ran down the back and started helping with the clearance and putting everything away. I was yet again amazed at some of the pax today. Even after the Captain made a PA saying we were going back due to technical difficulty and we would be on ground very soon they kept asking for all sorts of stuff!! I mean hello?? You think the Captain would turn around if it wasn't something serious?

Anyway, once everything was secure the CM called everyone and told them again what was happening, what to expect (a strong possibility of landing gear catching fire and ground evacuation - GULP!), how much time was left, a few words of encouragement and then we had nothing to do but wait. Personally I wasn't upset, yes it was nerveracking but that's normal and anyone who says different is lying through their teeth. So I sat strapped in tight in my jumpseat waiting for the landing and going through different scenarios in my head.

Thank GOD! Everything worked out ok, but of course you knew that otherwise I wouldn't be typing up this post. The landing was surprisingly smooth though understandably we took longer on the runway to slowdown than usual. Thankfully there was no fire, no need for evacuation and it was ok - massive sigh of relief! We disembarked the pax and to top it off we had one lady sprain her ankle as she was stepping onto the stairs, luckily she wasn't carrying her baby at the time, and we got a wheelchair for her.

On the brightside we got to go home 'early' *grin*


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