28 September 2006

Bumps and bruises


Let me just say that fasting and flying do not go together - well not if your operating, if your a pax then YAY! Less work for us, cruel but true. We dont think 'hey, good for you' when you tell us your fasting, we think 'sweet, that's one I don't have to worry about till Iftar', or is that just the ramblings of a jaded FA?

And I am seriously jaded nowadays, I used to love the whole thing but now urgh! I mean one day I was operating economy and it was one of those flights where you know your going to be on your feet the whole time so from boarding the minute the call bell went off I went and spoke to that person - politely - and explained that the button was easy to press accidentally and could they be careful, but when I saw a kid sitting there and just hammering away at any button he could I smiled at the mum who couldn't care less and said hope you don't mind but... and took the handset out of the cradle and dropped it between the seats! I told her he could use the touch screen to watch videos and whatnot and if they needed anything she could use her call bell.

And those call bells can be annoying, they are not meant for service believe it or not, they are meant for medical problems if you need attention and cant move. But people use them for service which is fine, but I hate it when kids play with them, and it gets annoying to the other pax as well when they are trying to sleep and all they can hear is call bells going off. And just before you think I'm sooo bad I do have times where I love service, it depends on the people of course but its simple, a thankyou and a please from them will go a long way with me and if they smile they've made my day. Basic treat others how you'd like to be treated. Is that asking too much?

But I digressed...I meant to write about my LHR flight yesterday how I shouldn't fast on longhaul because it makes my brain foggy and how I kept getting all these bumps and bruises but now I cant be bothered - and yes in case your wondering I am fasting again today.

Enjoy your food and drink you lucky people...

A thirsty,

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