14 September 2006

Boeing Supy

Hearing: Wisemen - James Blunt

Yesterday i got called off standby for a turnaround flight. The only problem was that it was on a Boeing 777 which id never operated before. Id received the training but i hadnt had a familiarisation flight. I told crewing about this so they switched me from operation to observation and said they would get another crew.

Im glad i insisted on the observation flight, aside from getting familiar with cabin configuration, galley layout and service i had time to have a good look around at equipment location, the crew rest, pilot seat operation (in case of pilot incapacitation) and other stuff. Plus i got to sit in the cockpit for landing...WICKED!!! There is nothing like watching a landing from there - except maybe flying the aircraft yourself.

A pretty hectic flight. Loads of kids a huge mess at every bulkhead and one of the ovens didnt work delaying the service as they had to go back and reheat. The galley incharge was beside herself, she was relatively new so i went into help, turns out her crew werent helping out like they should. I mean the galley is supposed to be organised and have everything ready but they could see she needed help and still they dumped everything on her, poor thing. In the end it was ok, the CM knew that she tried hard and didnt give her grief about it. Hope no one who flys has to go through the same thing.


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