31 August 2006

Training, Istanbul and the goodbye gets closer

Hearing: Feeling way too damn good - Nickelback

Im just here in the sand pit, its my first day off after training. I was watching Gilmore Girls (dont laugh) which my flatmate E- had got me from BKK, a nice surprise after arriving home from training yesterday, anyways i digress. I didnt know my other flatmate A was home, turns out she had just spent her 4 days off in Istanbul, Turkey and showed me the photos...WOW! A- really amazing place and very beautiful. Seeing it like that made its priorty on my list of places to see jump up to be serious competition for my leave in Novemeber. Gotta do some research for that now since i have 9 days.

So training finished yesterday. After 4 days of being drilled in the finer points of first class service i know the menu back to front, can tell you every little thing on the plate infront of you and am thoroughly over it...LOL! We had 2 days of practicles which were great and the trainer thankfully was good, i was especially worried about that since i had heard nightmare stories about some trainers including one sending one guy to the grooming department cuz his sideburns were too long... ??? But i was exhausted, waking up at 5.30am is just so wrong.

My mate A- had booked me for every evening up to his last day and i was very sleep deprived from being awake so early, and trying to fit study around going to dinner with him and then not going to bed early enough. On the 3rd night i just couldnt go, i hated cancelling but i knew he had company so i slept from 6pm all the way through till 5.20am which was good cuz in my exhaustion i had forgotten to set my alarm clock. Last night however, we went for a delicious dinner and then had a baskin and robbins ice cream desert on the roof of my building overlooking the city. Today once he's done cleaning and packing im going to spend the rest of the day with him. I sort of want to spend as much time as possible with him but a also just want to stay away. Being here without a friend like him is going to be very hard and saying goodbye, i suck at them in general and always act boisterous to cover what im really feeling but still, i dont want that, i want a proper goodbye but i also dont want to cry. Ugh, i'll let you all know how it goes.


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