03 August 2006

Think you have it bad??

Hearing: Locals shouting excitedly over a networked game.

In Training News:
Yesterday was final day of training and i am happy to say that i am now qualified to fly the lovely boeing 777. The 1st day invloved door familiarisation, operation and emergency scenario drills which was fun. The second was a rundown of all everything else we needed to know and an exam at the end of the day which you already know i passed. The next time im back there wont be till the service enhancement course at the end of the month.

In Other News:
You think you've got it bad?? Take a look at this photo:

Imagine living here...these are what i assume to be the homes for the cheap labour my company uses. Now before you start yelling in outrage let me point something out, my company is not the only one that uses cheap labour, in fact id be very much surprised if the majority of companies in the country didnt do the same. Not that it makes it acceptable. You would be surprised at the number of expats (mostly - and im not trying to be racist here - Indians/Pakistani) who come here to work under terrible conditions for crappy wages. They are everywhere sometimes i feel really sorry for them, i mean it cant feel good to be treated as dispensible and othertimes the looks you get from the men can make you feel like a piece of meat - not nice at all.

There are always 2 sides to everything. After speaking to a few of my fellow flighties and a friend who exprienced India in person in a "no frills" sort of way, they explained that conditions in their home country are ten times worse - lack of jobs and terrible living conditions. Here they get paid a small sum but back at home they can support a family and raise their quality of life. And here they at least get airconditioned rooms and satellite tv! So next time you think you have it bad, count your blessings and thank your lucky stars you have it better.


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