17 August 2006

A looming goodbye

Hearing: Half life - Oliver James

I got some news today which wasnt totally unexpected but is both good and bad simultaniously... A very good friend of mine A- landed a cabin crew job with an Aussie company and will be based in his hometown Perth. He was so nervous about it but its perfect for him as he loves the aviation industry and its been hard on him being away from his partner for so long. Ironically enough he put in his resignation today exactly one year from his first supy flight.

I arrived this morning from FRA and after a nice snooze i woke up to his sms "Got the job"! I instantly got a sinking feeling. Dont get me wrong, im very happy for him, and have been rooting for him to get the job but it doesnt mean that i wont miss him and have to say goodbye to one of the few people who made this lifestyle and this job that much more bearable. Anyway, A- Congratulations, i wish you all the best with your new job, thankyou for everything. I will miss you but i know you will be much more happy now, take care and keep in touch.



  1. Just been having a long look at your blog. Thinking of you and wondering what you have been upto on your birthday and your travels. Im amazed, touched and brought to a tear , miss and love ya S.

  2. p.s. how do I see picture of "Kittysitting"?