26 August 2006

A little whinge......ok a big whinge.


When people stand up the minute the plane touches down and despite the numerous please be seated PA's they refuse to do so. I had a kid on my flight yesterday who stood up and refused to sit down and then there was this othertime the shock of the carelessness of the parents made me do something i shouldnt have. Just after we had touched down a little girl probably 2years old had one foot on one arm rest and the other on the arm rest across the aisle!! WTF??? I was so shocked i didnt realise what i was doing and got out of my seat and grabbed the girl, almost threw her into her seat next to her mother and put the seatbelt on tightly the whole while the mum was laughing and saying "its ok dont worry" - WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE??? I was like no ma'am its not alright we are still going very fast and if something happens your daughter could get seriously hurt and went back and sat down. I was fuming! How can parents be like that? That was the worst id seen after almost a year of flying. I mean the families we fly in general have more kids than they can manage and they definetly spoil their kids rotten and let them do whatever they like and the parents dont care. Its disgusting. And whats more it irritates me that i got out of my seat and put myself at risk to do something the mother should have done. For heavens sake shes YOUR daughter, YOU were pregnant for 9 months with her, YOU gave birth to her i would think you would realise a child is a precious thing and take care of them. *deep breath* ok rant over.

What else...next months roster has come out and yet again my request was denied (i requested jo'burg). I have 4 Londons, a Paris, Munich, one turnaround and far too many standbys. Im so sick of my requests being turned down. Its one request and month get your act together and do it for heavens sake!

Ugh! anyways im out - cya.


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