31 July 2006

A much needed 4 days off.

People chatting in the lobby.

After spending only 14 days out of the whole month so far in my own bed it was good to be home. I spent the 1st day just doing chores including a huge pile of laundry which I had no idea where it came from and in the evening curled up on the trusty old sofa infront of tv. The next couple of days was spent catching up with friends (finally) and running some errands that had been postponed and postponed again. My old lappie threw in the towel yesterday, I could hear it boot up but nothing would display on the monitor so I had to put it in to get checked, I wont know what the deal is till tomorrow, speaking of which...

tomorrow signals the start of my new roster which includes the 1st 2 days training for 777 ( which I'm looking forward to, it has really good destinations) the last 4 service enhancement and in between a very short London, 2 short Paris a Frankfurt, and 4 standbys. Unfortunately I'm disappointed again as I didn't get my requested 4 days off at the end of the month (I was planning yet again to go to Cairo since I still have the ticket from last time *sigh*). My friend A thinks its pretty lousy of them not being able to give us our request since were only allowed one a month, you'd think they could manage that. But never mind, all the best for Miss TT whose training is going really well.


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