16 June 2006

Niagara Falls, Canada

Hearing: Random tv chatter

What an experiance!

Yesterday me, our CM and 2 other girls took the trip from Toronto to Niagra Falls. After an approximate 2hr coach ride we arrived at Niagra Falls only to have our breaths taken away. There is a walkway alongside the falls which was full of people taking photos and getting wet, the force of the water falling below spraying up a high mist which blew over everyone at the slightest breeze. I took so many photos and some short video clips before heading down to the Maid of the Mist boat ride. A very affordable $14.00 CAD later and we were armed with a plastic raincoat, excited and onboard the Maid. The trip took about 45mins in which we were taken past the American Falls to the middle of the Canadian "Horseshoe Falls". And i'll tell you one thing, being there surrounded by the powerful falls and being sprayed by the mist is one hell of an experiance - very awe inspiring. I felt tiny in comparision with such a wonder. I highly reccommend a visit, just make sure you wear sensible shoes (one of the girls was going to wear high-heeled boots) and expect to get a little wet (or a lot if u go during winter). If you can go on a friday or saturday they have a fireworks display too.

For now im off to get some sleep before my flight back to Brussels tonight, so i guess its goodnight. Oh but before i forget, congrats to Miss Tray who will finally be getting her wings, i'm so happy for you hun, good luck with everything and enjoy the skies!


Edit: Uploaded Photos.

The Famous "Horseshoe" Falls

Starting at Table Rock Point... seeing the water rush by and being so close to the edge is really amazing, i could have stood there for hours.

In order....

A photo just to show you how close to the edge the walk gets up top and below, the people on the "Behind the Falls" tour how close THEY get.

Me, my hair all wet from the spray

Another photo of the falls with the tiny Maid in the middle.

Actually this gives you a better impression of the Maid and how close you get to the falls. I couldnt take one while i was there as a) my camera would get wet and b) you would just see white being so close and all. It docks back down close to where the foot of the bridge is (second photo). The falls you see are the American Falls.

The first is a photo taken as we were walking down to Maid of the Mist and the second is my CM, one of the girls from the crew and me actually on the Maid with the American Falls in the background.

A close up taken while on the Maid of the American side falls and (second photo) you wouldnt want to go here if its too windy!

The area near the falls is a bit strange, its like youve walked into universal studios or something but this i like....a giant Hershey Kiss attacking a building!! (actually it sorta looks like its going to melt right off the side...LOL!!)

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