12 April 2006

A local soccer match.


So my friend O had the idea of going to a local soccer game since she knew one of the guys on one of the teams playing and naturally yours truely got dragged along. Actually i shouldnt say dragged since i was very curious. Like anywhere in the world the fans were exuberant and it was a sight to see all the guys in dish-dashes at a soccer game instead of being decked out in their team colours. I think we attracted quite a bit of attention too since we seemed to be the only girls there.

It was just a local game so the stadium wasnt full but still a lot of people turned out. O's friend arranged for us to be seated where the press and sponsors were to "protect" us from the staring male masses, as i said it was very unusual for girls to be there. There was a guy singing - or i should say bellowing - something throughout the game over the loudspeaker that it actually got quite annoying after a while (he didnt sound good at all). But it was fun and the excitement was infectious. It was a great night, something different and i wouldnt mind doing it again.

A partially deaf

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