26 April 2006

Lazy Days

Hearing: traffic (we live on main road) and mum pottering around the kitchen.

Guess where I am? Back home in Oz! At the moment I'm out in the backyard soaking up the sun. The next door neighbor's kittens have come over to play and they are adorable. They must be about 2 months old. One of them looks exactly like my old cat Nooks who disappeared recently but is the father, he had a lovely relationship with this stray who my neighbor took in when she found out she was pregnant. And there is this other kitten who keeps play-attacking this older cat named Sooty they are so funny to watch.

So I'm just here enjoying being home, being lazy and looking forward to my 3 weeks here. I have my graduation to go to of course (not looking forward to that - my mum goes a little nutty and wants tonnes of photos and it gets annoying) and then a lovely week at Hamilton Island - HTI for a family vacation/graduation pressie to myself LOL.

By the way, my brother surprised me when I got home, he has a brand new motorbike a Suzuki TLR 1000! I love bikes!! I couldn't wait to get on it, I don't have my license yet but here's a pic anyway, i should warn you the car in the background was hired by my brother for my graduation as a present, a very smooth ride.

From a sunny backyard in Oz,

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  1. Cookie Monster6:52 am


    Love the pic of you on the bike.

    I want to see you zippin around on it next time your back in Oz.