19 April 2006

La Saleve, French Border

Hearing: Background tv noise.

Today was one of those days that seems to have escaped from a warm summers day. It was still cold out but the sun was warm. Not wanting to go to the same places again i decided to take a trip upto La Saleve. a mountain on the French border next to Geneva. After mentioning this idea to my friend, a nutty but fantastic girl J-, she had 2 other crew join us and in the morning when we were meeting up we ran into the Captain who also joined us.We took a bus/tram to the end of the line and walked a few meters from there to the French border where we didnt have to do anything and continued to the base of the Le Telepherique (J- is the one on the left)

The view from the top was stunning, it was the perfect weather for it too. You could see the whole of the city of Geneva and Le Jet.

We spent some time goofing around and playing on the nearby kids playground trying to coax the CP to join us which he sportingly did, took a walk and then before we headed back down these guys showed up, unrolled their parachutes and jumped!! It was really something, i took a clip of some guy jumping. There was a sign up with a phone number for those who were interested in tandem. I am so up for that but i haven't done it yet. (J- I told you those photos would end up on my blog)

We headed back down to the city and took a walk alongside the pier where everyone was out enjoying the rare sun. Some guys even had their shirts off sunbaking alongside their girlfriends (who had their shirts on in case anyone was wondering.) We walked along the raised platform to Le Jet and took some photos there, now I know everyone is going to laugh at the group photo cuz it looks like theres water spouting from my head so go ahead laugh I like the pic and that's all I care about so ner!

We took a bit longer walking back to the bus/tram stop because I kept stopping to take photos and can you really blame me? It was such a gorgeous day, perfect for photos.


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