04 March 2006

A completely bungled up wedding attendance...


Boy am I p*ssed off! For this month I requested 4 days off over my friends wedding so I could go and join her celebrations, but do you think I got it? No. For one crummy request per month I think its quite rude not being able to give it to us. What I got instead were 2 days off before the actual wedding date - 12th May - and 2 days after with a Peshawar night flight in the middle. How annoying is that??

I thought ok maybe if you explained the situation the guy in charge of crew roster's he might be able to do something...HA! I told him its my friends wedding, I have the ticket and visa and I didn't get the days off, maybe he could take me off the Peshawar flight and give me something else instead of the days off - something - anything but no...he didn't want to, just kept coming up with excuses every time I suggested a different option. And the thing is I know he helps others out all the time, so he can make changes but he probably just didn't like the look of me or something or maybe he was in a bad mood I don't know.

So now my friend is upset with me cuz she was looking forward to me being there and I'm in a foul mood. One of my friends suggested I call in sick and just go but I wont, I cant its not in me to do something like that but honestly I really feel like doing it just to spite them.


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  1. Aww sweetie!! That's too bad!! Crew scheduling sucks sometimes!! What makes it worse is as you said, when you know other people get what they ask for...

    I'm sure your friend will understand eventually... what a pity though!! :(