02 March 2006

Bangkok reflections

Hearing: Because of you - Kelly Clarkson (MTV Asia)

Today was spent wandering around BKK. Inthe morning i headed of to the Golden Mountain because i wanted to go somewhere i knew would be peaceful. I was early enough and made it to the very top this time before they had to close it. The view of the city was unobstructed and the golden top shone brilliantly in the sun.

I took my time walking up stopping to look out and take in the view, listen to the birds and just soak it in. At the top i stood at the windows for ages just looking out at the mix of homes and wondering about the lives of those it sheltered.

It certainly was a day of reflection. After climbing back down the mountain, i visited the temple and sat there for a while just thinking and feeling. It must sound strange but i felt like there was a change in the air, i felt less restless and a bit more at peace than i have been feeling for a long while now. Afterwards i took a walk just along random streets, not really caring where i went but feeling at with being where i was. I passed many run down and grimy shops and garages, some open but most closed and peeked inside at the people and their business. I think the owners must have thought i was lost or nuts but they were sweet and took time to look up from their work and smile, a very heart warming gesture i was more than happy to return.

Maybe the change is just in me, feeling different now that ive managed to feel comfortable in several foreign cities. I remember a conversation J, my friend in the UK and i had about how travel changes a person. He said that when people tell you to travel, its the best thing you'll ever do etc, sometimes you think they are exaggerating but actually doing it, you come to realise how right they are and if anything they didnt push you enough!! I couldnt have put it better myself.


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