04 February 2006

Crewing and Catch-ups

Hearing: Just Chillin' - Craig David The Story Goes

Its a conspiracy. Crew Control have got it in for me and my friend O - They couldnt have made our rosters more seperate if they'd tried!! Whenever shes on a layover i have days off and vice versa...

Yesterday i was in Munich getting ready to leave and she had just arrived, talk about frustrating. She came upto my room so we could steal half an hours catch up to ourselves without having a cloud of smoke around us or trying to talk over others or having them eaves drop in the hotel lobby. It was fun, we tried to cram in as much as possible in those stolen minutes but it was nowhere near enough. LOL!

So now we are hoping that when she comes back we can manage to have a day together if CC dont change my available to a turnaround flight before i head off to London - yes again. I requested the London as it gave me a full day and a half there so i can do a bit more site seeing and catch up with a mate of mine possibly - its still up in the air. I was thinking London Tower and Tower Bridge (more stairs...heehee) so we'll see.

Till then im off to play catch up with some friends - honestly, if we didnt take the time we'd never see each other!


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  1. Awwww, sweetie!!! I can TOTALLY relate!!! It's always when you want to catch up with someone that you work an opposite roster.... d'oh.... trust me I understand how frustrating THAT can be!!! :p

    Just wait though, next one I bet you'll be having days off at the same time!!! :D