27 January 2006

Geneva, Switzerland

Hearing: soft whispers of others working in the conference centre.

I'm in the hotel conference centre in Geneva, its my second day here and I wont be leaving till tomorrow. I've already been into the city twice, yesterday and this morning for a walk around with some girls on my flight but feeling a little under the weather decided I should get out of the cold and look after myself so I don't get worse...after all I have a Munich trip in 3 days and I don't want to miss out on it.

Geneva is a small city but I took time to walk around and have a good look. I managed to take a lot of photos before my batteries threw in the towel. One particular place I loved was the Cathedrale St-Pierre.

Situated in the "Old Town" at a high point it overlooks Geneva and is beautiful in its own right. It was built between 1160-1230. You can climb the tower to get a birds-eye view, take in the beautiful stain glass windows

or have your eyes pop out when you enter the Chapelle des Macchabees. I took so many photos in there and would have just sat there for hours if I didn't have another girl with me who was itching to go.

There is a main shopping strip and of course cafes, tea rooms, chocolate shops everywhere you go. Step into a little hideaway nook to get out of the biting cold and warm up. The minute you walk in you can smell the fresh bread baking and hear the chatter of others seeking refuge in a hot cup of soup, coffee or slice if pizza (which looks like a foccacia with topping). The staff are friendly and you sit down for your own bit of peace and to rest from all the walking.

Now I think I'll just head to my room to rest up properly as my heads pounding away. Hope everyone is warm and cozy.



  1. Hi hun!!! Loooove the photos - they're so pretty and you've got a good eye for framing a shot.

    Hope you didn't get sick or anything, rest up and can't wait to hear all about yor next trip!! Felt like I was there with you! Hee hee!! =)

  2. Hiya Tray, glad you liked the pics, took long enough to upload em!! Hahaha. The sleep was just what i needed, felt much better afterwards thanks.