05 January 2006

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Hearing: Objection - Shakira

Guess where i spent New Years Eve? In crew briefing for a Colombo flight...LOL not the best way to do it but at least its different, and you would be surprised how many people traveled that night on the flight, we were almost full. But who can be grumpy about all that when you wake up to this the next day.

It was a nice simple trip. We literally were taken for a ride by one of the Tuk-tuk drivers who took us to this souvenir shop even though we wanted him to take us to somewhere to eat. I should say its a good idea to stick to what you know when eating as i ended up trying a local dish which tasted like it had gravel in it.

Later that day my friend, the first officer and i went for a walk along the "beach" where everyone was out enjoying the public holiday.

Some of the locals were playing in the water fully clothed - i say playing cuz none of them looked like they could swim properly and the girls ran away when the water came too close or got too high.

There were all these little kiosks along the pathway selling all sorts of snacks and drinks - a popular snack was this round doughy looking thing which had 3 shrimps on it and was orange in colour that i decided not to try as i didnt want to call in sick the next day and instead settled for some yummy mango slices.


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