07 January 2006

Amsterdam, Brussels, Toronto Photo update.

Hearing: Arabic music and kids shouts of triumph over some networked game.

Hi all, I'm back to post photos of Amsterdam, Brussels and Toronto as promised in my "brr" entry. I'm set up at an internet cafe near my apartment so I can take advantage of the faster connection to upload all the photos. Enjoy!

First up is Amsterdam. Most of my photos turned out blurry but i'll still post a few. As mentioned our CM knew the place so he took us around. This photo is of some of the crew, CP and FO on our way to Amsterdam.

Amsterdams red light district...

The view from one of the bridges our group blocked...

...And our group actually blocking the bridge..teehee

Christmas markets were everywhere, there were hot waffles, handicrafts, souvenirs and misc. gifts for sale, an out door ice rink and merry-go-round.

Brussels - I had to look up some info on the places I visited here and one very useful site is here, very good if you want to know the legends behind the Mannikin-Pis, or the names of the houses in Grote Markt (Grand Place).

Grote Markt has to be one of the most popular attractions in Brussels, these giant baubles were just littered throughout the square some as you can see with little Christmas trees in them.

The Mannikin-Pis appropriately dress in a fireman's costume according to one of the legends concerning him. This little guy has over 400 costumes!

Nearby Grote Markt there is a bunch of alleyways that are filled with seafood restaurants - their specialty being muscles - and often are captured by local artists in their paintings or drawings.

The thing about Brussels is that you can be walking along a road in what you think to be a very modern part of the city and look right and see something like this.

Being in the Christmas spirit some places really went all out, this restaurant definitely caught my eye. If you cant see it properly it looks like it has a bunch of Santa's with presents climbing the walls.

The Royal Palace. It overlooks a large park and is home to the office of the King, residence of the Crown Prince and a museum.

Saint Michael and Saint Gudula Cathedral, about 10 mins walk from Grote Markt.

Some pics from around Toronto, you can see some snow/frost on the ground and a pic of CN tower which isn't good but the only one I have.

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