31 December 2005

Whats your New Years Resolution??

Hearing: Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson

Happy New Year!!!

Where ever you are I hope the New Year greets you with a glow of expectation, warmth, love, health and happiness!! My New Year will be spent in the air on my way to Colombo (CMB), Sri Lanka. Enjoy your celebrations and be safe.

I know I always make new years resolutions and do my best to stick to it. Anything and everything I've tried from wanting to stop biting my nails to trying to be more patient. This New Years Res isn't decided upon just yet though but I'll be sure to post it once I pick it. I want to hear all about your new years resolutions, or past ones you've made.

Have fun everyone!


Edited: My NYR's are in the comments section.


  1. Ooooh, so many things to decide from!!

    I think mine are:

    1) To be more patient/stress about things less

    2) No more obssessing about boys

    3) Not worry about what other people think

    4) Fix all the things about me/my personality that annoy me

    5) Have fun!! =)

    Hope you had a fab NY flight sweetie, and all the best for 2006!!!

  2. Ok mine are;

    Start writing more.
    Be more assertive.
    Learn a new language (or work on my Japanese).
    Blog more often!
    Make the change from windows to Linux.
    Brush up on my IT knowledge/skills.

    Sounds like a lot huh? I like a challenge. heehee.