30 December 2005

Full flight, short trip, 1st time in galley....Oh no!!!

Hearing: Car horns and some blokes yelling at the tops of their voices down the road.

Imagine this, your in briefing and when the positions are handed out you find out that you've been given galley (the aircraft "kitchen") for the first time ever...... and that its on the aircraft with the biggest economy section holding up to 260+ pax ...... and that your full...... and that the trip will be an hour shorter than normal. *nervous laugh* Well that's what I got when I rocked up to my Bangkok (BKK) trip.

The Cabin Manager (CM) knew it was my first time so put a senior at the back with me to help me out. Thank goodness for that senior, I warmed to her immediately. She was amazing, she let me do my work and helped me without making me feel like I was an idiot, didn't know what I was doing or that she was helping me at all. She answered all my questions without sounding snobby, superior or condescending. She was sweet to the end and I'm happy to say the service wasn't a disaster and proud because I've seen it fall to pieces with seniors in the galley! Everyone worked so hard, we didn't even have time to sit down once and eat, I was lucky to have such a good group to work with on that leg.

Compared to the trip into BKK, the way back I'm sure I did a lot better though I had to keep my patience with the different senior I had to work with who preferred doing my work for me and pointing out that she was doing it with a feigned "do I mind?". Ugh!

So basically I had a crash course in galley work, I got home tired and fell into bed happy that id survived. Galley has got its pros like not having to deal with limited storage space, coaxing guests into stowing away their bags and other belongings properly, not having to deal so much with everyone's dirty trays. And it has its cons like not being able to get to speak and get to know guests or giving them a drink and seeing them happy.

From the Galley,

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  1. Oh wow you must have had a mild heart attack when they said you were on galley.... eeek!!

    But as you say it went well, I'm sure it was fine and you did a fab job by the sounds of it.... co-workers can make or break the day, can't they??? Sounds like you are really going well learning all the new things... I'm so so proud of you and even more so from your piccies... you look very happy and a perfect F/A!!! =)