07 December 2005


Hearing: The faint hum of the PC

Hello all!! Guess where i am? The hotel lounge in Toronto, Canada and for the record its 3.03am!!! Well quite a lot has happened since my last post but i wont bore you with too much writing as i have photos but i'll have to upload them when i get back to the sandpit.

My trip home was fantastic, not long enough but still managed to catch up with a bunch of gfs over brunch, chat into the wee hours with the Cookie Monster, visit our lovely harbour and of course buy all the Picnics, Cherry Ripes and Pizza Shapes i could fit into my luggage!!! It was great!!!

Then something changed and all hell broke loose...im exaggerating of course...My flight out of Syd got cancelled due to an electrical storm, it was rescheduled for the next day at 6.30pm only it got delayed again by and hour. Then my connecting flight also got delayed which landed me in an airport waiting and waiting about to have a nervous breakdown cuz i was due to be on a flight out to FRA in a matter of hours and calling my friend in tears asking her to call in sick for me, naughty i know but desperate times call for desperate measures, if the flight hadnt been cancelled i would have been home a whole day earlier!!

So that managed, i was put on a 9 day trip to Brussels (BRU) and then Toronto (YYZ). Imagine, i was barely home for a day and had to unpack and repack for 9days! So being at my wits end i didnt pack enough snacks, or another pair of shoes (walking around for hours in boots is not fun), or my credit cards/bank cards...(i can feel all the heads shaking from here, in my defence though, i did pack them in a bag i was taking but didnt take the bag...truely a ditzy moment) and therefore was left with only about 70 or 80 Euro on me.

Anyways, its all sorted now. I was lucky and have a great crew that really get on well. BRU is an amazing city, very beautiful, famous for chocolates so i was in heaven! But i'll let the photos do the talking though im not sure they'll do it justice. We also decided to make the trip into Amsterdam by trip, a 3 hr ride for 40 Euro, as the cabin manager was familiar with it and could show us around. All the crew, bar 2 girls who had gone home, the captain (CP) and first officer (FO) went. It was so worth it!! The city was alive with people everywhere since it was the weekend and the coming Christmas holidays had brought out the night markets, decorations and festivities. Again i took lots of photos there, our group actually blocked a bridge at one stage we were so busy taking photos!

And now im in Toronto. Our plan was to go to Niagra Falls but being so cold we decided against it. Both prior cities were cold but YYZ...whoa!! My gf and i had the bright idea of taking a walk to see the city...hahaha we froze our butts off!!! No joke!!! Our butts were litrally numb it was so cold!!! But we braved the weather (stupidly), went down to the harbourside and checked out a few places before seeking refuge in the shopping centres, some hot soup and delicious coffee...i told my friend were should be certifiably insane...i think some of our crew would agree. I havent taken much photos here but i'll post some anyway.

In the meantime, my friend has just joined me not being able to sleep herself so till next time i hope all of you are nice and warm. Take care, VP.

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