23 November 2005

You Beauty!!

Hearing: The buzz of my brothers PC and cars driving by.


Im in Sydney! Just arrived yesterday into a spectacular lightning display and cooler weather brr... Fantastic to be home, ive had my morning cup of coffee and chat with mum, and im now wondering what to get upto first. I'll be here for a whole week!! YAY me! LOL.

On a sadder note though, my friend O didnt receive a reply about her visa in time so she has had to stay behind. I had planned so much for us to do and to show her around but its postponed till my next trip out. Shes going to be spending her time with her sis and her sis's fiance instead. O im very sorry your not here, promise i'll make it up to you.

Oh and i should say a special hello to Kylie who is a great friend of mine and who i recently found out has been keeping track of my blog. Hope your enjoying it Kylie! Hugs!


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  1. Yay you!!! Have a FAB time in Sydney (but you don't need me to tell you that!!) :p