18 November 2005

Nice weather isnt it?

Hearing: Ride of your life and my flatmates pottering around

Ive just woken up to the sandpits more unusual weather, ive grabbed myself a mug of coffee a pen and paper and thoughts id make an old fashioned post.

So its 10.30 am and i hear my door banging as though someone cant figure out that you need to turn the handle, but its just the wind as ive left my window open. My eyes slip over to the window to look outside and im momentarily confused, instead of a bright blue sky and sunshine its dark and gloomy...ah well that explains it, the the wind and all its probably just a sandstorm. I get up to take a closer look, instantly thinking of my friends flying out this morning and how this would effect their flights.

It wasnt a sandstorm, to be sure there was strong wind but it was cloudy!!! Now this may not seem like a big deal but here clouds are not common, especially big black and heavy ones. I remember my friend exclaiming to me a few days ago about how she saw a small whisp of a cloud and not believing it... :)

I cant help but laugh at myself at the moment...such an odd post but anyway...

I walk out into the apartment and i run into my flatmate K. the oddness of the weather seems to have had an effect on us, i look at her wondering if shes noticed the weather and she whispers to me that no one is here except our other flatmate E who incidently was peeking at us from just inside her room. We all are silent and looking at one another but then E mantions that weather and the spell is broken. We can speak easily but we all feel like staying in our jammies and curled up in bed as though it was a rainy winters day......but it isnt the girls have plans, i make coffee for everyone while they set about getting ready and then settle down to make a most unusual post.

It makes me wonder what it would be like if it actually rained here....


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