11 November 2005

Dramas and a night out

Hearing: Air con again and the tapping of letters on the keyboard, the chime of the elevators and chitchat of the security guards.

Well it has been a while since i've posted but thats due to my lack of in room internet facilites...ie im too lazy to go to an internet cafe :) Ok so updates! Firstly i have moved into the apartment assigned to me, i spoke to the girls and sorted out the situation. I have gotten to know them a little and they are absolutely lovely. My friend O has had her share of dramas over the accommodation she was given but i cant give any details. Suffice to say she wasnt very happy for a while but shes ok now and her flatmate is also very nice.

Let see, I've been back to Munich and although i was sick the whole time i still managed to go out with 2 of my batchmates which was fun and talk to the pilot and first officer which ive never done before. They were more down to earth, genuine and not conceited as i thought they would be which was a nice surprise. Dont go getting the wrong idea though, it was just a bunch of us crew chatting over dinner.

Umm, i didnt go to London for my birthday as i had hoped - a huge drama occured there which i cant talk about without getting very upset (and swearing which i dont normally do so thats saying alot) so i hope you'll excuse me for not sharing that bit. Instead i stayed here and spent the day with two of my mates who cheered me up by shouting me some hot fluffy pancakes. They also helped me shop for a dress......

As i didnt go to London, i was given other duties, one of which was a company promotion. It was last night, 3 girls and i (in uniform) were to sell raffle tickets to raise money for the charity Poppy Ball Appeal. It was held at the British Embassy in the Ambassedors back garden which was a stunning setting and was altogether a very fancy do. They had a 25 person band flown in from the UK and catering from the Hilton as it was a sit down dinner, all the men were in suits and the ladies as you can imagine, dressed up for a ball. While everyone was all fancy, sipping on champagne and mingling, we went around and tried to coax them into buying raffle tickets. After the raffle was drawn however, we were invited to change and come back to have dinner and enjoy the atmosphere. So that dress, thanks to my friends, was found in the nick of time the day before and i wore it for a little while when having dinner and chatting to our host before leaving 'early' for home. Not a bad night at all.....*huge grin*

So whats next for me? Frankfurt (yes again Westy, where are all those suggestions?) and then...well, that i'll post about later ;)

Take care everyone and i know its late but Happy Halloween and Ramadan Kareem! LOL!



  1. Sorry you didn't get to go to London for your b'day sweets!!

    But ooh you glam thing, company promos and swishy do's, sounding like AG with her upcoming promo work, lol...!

    And we don't blame you abt the net cafe thing, I can't be bothered getting my sorry butt to do anything these days, either!!! =D

  2. Still waiting for A'dam... :)Groningen would be even more perfect, but need a charter for that... :S