01 October 2005


Just a quick update to let everyone know whats happening...

My posts are taking time because my internet connection is slow and as such it takes a lot of time to upload the accompanying photos. At the moment i have 2 drafts waiting from my 2 trips to Bangkok and one from Frankfurt. They will be backdated to show the proper time i wrote them so will later appear before this post.

I have been back to London (YAY) and and Frankfurt (i only arrived this morning). Both days were lovely but i wont write about them, theres something else im working on right now that is completely occupying my thoughts.

I am trying to get home to Sydney. I have been given, by some strange twist of luck (or curse...but i'll explain in a little bit) a few days off together this month and i can use them to go home, it'll be a short stay for sure but im dying to go. The problem is not so much that travelling on staff discount only becomes available to me on that first day and as such i cant get the tickets (beforehand, i can only ge them on the day), the problem is that i cant find a flight (or combination of flights) that can get me to Sydney and back in time. I have spent hours on the net, at so many different airlines sites, checking to see if i can make something work...and i ususually end up yelling profanity at my screen. So if i have the chance to go home but not the means, are the days off a twist of luck or a curse to tease and torture you?

Either way, im still searching, i hope i can make something work. Wish me luck.



  1. Oh good luck sweetie, I hope you manage to get home!!! =)

  2. Anonymous4:38 am

    hi,its good to see enjoying and having a wonderful time, hope you get your tickets soon, so we can catch up..swas