21 October 2005

On being home...

It was sooo good to be home. I had to pay outright for the tickets but it was worth it - even if i only stayed for 2 days, my friends told me i was crazy and perhaps i am but i really needed to see those special to me. I headed out on a direct flight in the morning and arrived early the next morning. I only had a oneway ticket though and i had to buy a return when i got into Sydney, risky i know but i had done my homework before leaving and i knew there was a special on tickets back so it was a calculated risk... ;) The flight was totally full but i tried to sleep as well as i could to pass the time. I did however meet a most interesting gentleman on that flight but i'll have to write about that another time. The way back took longer as it wasnt direct but the flight was empty, so after barely sleeping in Sydney (as if i was going to waste my time sleeping when home!!!) i stretched out on a row of empty seats and slept...

Unfortunately there was one person i especially wanted to see but couldnt during my time there but it was still worth it to be home. My mum and brother didnt know id be coming and boy were they surprised! I wish i could have captured the moment. Mum was so surprised, i called her before arriving stating some lame excuse that i was sending her flowers and not to leave the house so i was sure she'd be home when i arrived...when i knocked on the door she was in a towel and all soapy and wet having just stepped into the shower!!! LOL naturally i got covered too...it was such a surprise for her. It felt great, more than great, it was brilliant. The funniest thing was my brother, mum and i made up some excuse to make him come home from work and when he got there i peeked my head out from the hallway to watch him come in, he looked at me for a second or two and then he was like "what are you doing here???!!!" in a good way though, his face went bright red as he gave me a bear hug and wouldnt let go.

It was fantastic being home, just what the doc ordered...just enjoying the typical things i took for granted like knowing how to get around, cooking with my mum in an actual kitchen, feeling the warmth of my cats fur against my hand, hearing all those familiar sounds id grown up with, getting hugs and kisses from my mum and brother whenever i wanted and just spending time chatting away with them. Its the most wonderful feeling. Being Ramadan and as i was fasting i couldnt have that morning cup of coffee with my mum but there was Iftar which i looked forward to simply because i have never spent Ramadan away from my family and if it wasnt for these 2 days it would be the first time i spent it alone. Mmmmm home cooked food, nothing fancy but still nice. Its amazing what you can take for granted isnt it?

My best friend the Cookie Monster took the morning off work to come see me at home. It was great seeing him again. He was the only one who knew i was coming and wanted to take a full day off but when i explained the time constraints he understood my wanting to spend as much time with my family as possible. So as was our usual habit we just lounged around chatting and catching up on everything, it was another thing i had been missing.

So in all it was great, but in the past 12 days i havent been here more than 3 days together!! Hahaha....what a life...:) After arriving back from my little trip home i headed out to Munich the very next morning for 4 days, then returning from that trip the next morning i had a Frankfurt flight (3 days) and only returned yesterday morning. I have a few days off now to relax and hopefully catch up on some blogging and emails.

Till then take care all.



  1. YAAAY!!! SO glad you made it home, even if it was only for a couple of days =) *hugs*

    Haha thanks for your email, I'm glad you're having some nice trips. The photos are fab, by the way. You write really well too, I feel like I am there with you!!

    There's another open day coming up for 'that airline' soon, I'm going along for a laugh. I'll be sure to tell you all the goss and get photos of any Pinky the Second's that show up... ;)

    Enjoy your days of rest...!

    Just curious, what is the policy on crew fasting during Ramadan? Do they make provision and work them less during daylight hours??

  2. Another open day?? Oh definetly, you should go!!!! I would love it if you got through and were able to come here...then again given you current situation, you might not want to....*cheeky grin*

    As for your question bout Ramadan, check out my other post cuz i've gone and explained a lot of stuff there.

  3. Ha, I might just join you (dont worry I'll email you and explain.... *humph*

  4. Oh dear Tray...not a very nice development in the 'soap opera'. I hope things get better for you.