27 October 2005

Moving out 2...

Hearing: Welcome to my Life by Simple Plan and the air con buzzing in the background.

Ive just finished standby (the best yet, from 4am to 12noon - i slept right through it) and i thought id post about the interesting devlopment since my last post. And no im not talking about the line above, i just added that cuz i like the idea behind it.

I went to pick up my keys from head office, still nervous about which building id get and who id be moving in with. I met the lady in charge and she offered me different options but i took the first one she offered. To move in the newest building (also the nicest) and with 2 other Australian girls. Better than a poke in the eye!! Hahaha, so my nerves a little clamer and keys jingling, my friend and i went to have a sticky beak at my new home.

After the embarrassment of not knowing how to open the front door i stepped in to find a curious face looking at me. It was one of my flatmates who had been expecting me as i called ahead so as not to cause too much of a surprise. E was very nice and friendly and chatted to us as we moved around checking out the aparment. I was so happy and excited i was jumping all over the place and kept hugging my friend O. My room was spacious and the living room was massive and afforded a good view over a main street and the water in the distance.

O and i then said goodbye to E and went down to see one of O's friends. As luck would have it, her friend said she would give her room to O if she wanted it cuz she wanted to move in with her bf. Naturally both O and i were delighted as it meant that later there was still a chance for us to be able to move in together.

It was great, i was looking forward to moving out of the hotel and finally being able to make someplace my own. I must have unknowingly took a mouthful of Felix Felicis (Harry Potter fans will know what im on about).

But.....and theres always a but isnt there??

After returning from my Cairo flight yesterday morning, my mobile woke me up. It was one of the flatmates of O's friend, she said that she was friends with my soon-to-be- flatmates and was wondring if i could swap with her. My first thought was i cant think now i'll call you back when im awake (im not the best when woken up, but it was my fault for not putting my phone on silent, but im always worried that if i do i'll miss an important call - and im talking about your mums in the hospital type calls or something). Anyways, im getting side tracked. After i hung up i went back to sleep but my thoughts couldnt be silenced, what the girl said filtered through my mind and i began to be disturbed by it. I was like hang on thats not fair. How can they put me in a situation like that. If they all want to be together and i refuse to part with my room...well i could feel the death stares already, and if i agreed i wouldnt be happy about it. It really wasnt nice of them, i mean i can understand wanting to be together but they had'nt even given me a chance yet!

To put it mildly i wasnt very happy after that and i couldnt go back to sleep either - i needed a distraction so i ended up reading for the rest of the day. I spoke to O and she pointed out that if i did accept then we could move in together which would be a bonus but O needed to be given a room in that building before her friend could give her the room...

What a drama, or am i just being a drama queen? Hmmm....


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