19 September 2005

Frankfurt anyone?

Well imitation frankfurt that is, as I don't eat pork I tried the closest thing to it. It was a trade between my friend D and I, I got her to come out and explore Frankfurt with me instead of staying in her hotel room and she got to me to try one of the sausages Frankfurt is known for. I had a great time exploring the city and I daresay she was glad I dragged her along.

I wish I knew German, the people were so friendly and helpful, trying to communicate with what little English they know that I was ashamed of myself for not knowing even a word or two in German. They are thoroughly proud of their city and are happy to help a few tourist find their way or offer a smile when they see you taking photos.

This is D infront of Cafe Hauptwache where we had our brunch and couldn't stop being surprised at how much beer was loved here. It was a beautiful start to our day and we had great fun just chatting and just soaking in the atmosphere.

Just opposite the cafe there was this church whose chimes rang out during our brunch.

After brunch we headed into central Frankfurt (I needed to find a place to exchange money because I hadn't brought enough Euros with me) and we had a wander around the streets and parks.

The old and the new...

This is one of the more amusing buildings in central Frankfurt...

One of the many statues in Frankfurt, but unlike the others, this one really caught my attention and I simply could not stop looking at it. I later translated the engraving on it "Den Opfern", it means Sacrifice.

Euros in hand we returned to the pedestrian and shopping district (same place we had brunch) which was crowded with people. There were stalls selling all sorts of things everywhere; food stalls selling all sorts of food, from hot dogs to crepes, stalls selling handicrafts from dreamcatchers to wood carved garden dwarfs and there was also fresh produce stalls selling fruit & veg, cheese, meat and wine in an outdoor market. The bustle of the crowds in the markets, the sound of chinking glasses the chatter of friends and the delicious smells was truly a lovely experience.

We continued walking towards the Main river and met with 2 guys and a girl (no pizza place) who were enjoying the sun and skating around. At least the guys were trying to teach the girl to roller blade. They were friendly and fun and even requested to have their picture taken with D after which their grins stretched from ear to ear. It was a picturesque walk along the river with St. Leonhardskirche church across from us and the Eiserner Steg bridge in the distance. We crossed over to the other side and walked on past all these older style houses which were home to some mix of galleries and museums...there must have been 4 or 5 of them in a row. We then said good bye, stopped in at a bar/cafe for a bite to eat before heading back to the hotel. It was truly a lovely day out.


  1. Oh wow wow WOW!!! LOOOOVE the pics. Looks like you two had a fab time. Glad you could share it with a mate! =D

    Westy resides in Germany, I'm sure she'd be only too happy to give you a hand with some reccommendations of places to see next time you are in Frankfurt, I am sure she will love your pics as well!

    Can't wait for more...


  2. Im so glad you liked the photos!!!

    Westy, your an angel, i would love some tips on where to go. Anything would be appreciated as i dont know much about Frankfurt. Thankyou so much!