05 June 2005

The suitcases are out.

Too early to pack? I don't think so. I'm packing early for a number of reasons, the obvious being that you never know what might come up last minute and chances are you'll be running around like a headless chook anyway so its best to get what you can done early. The other reasons are:

+ I have exams in the weeks leading up to my departure so I will need to spend time studying hard (I cant afford to fail in my final semester)
+ Some family stuff cropped up recently and its wreaking absolute havoc
+ There are the goodbyes to say and
+ The most pressing reason is that yesterday and today have proved how close that time is.

Let me explain.

Yesterday I had a good mate stop by, we spent the day just hanging out and talking and I realized that this wont be happening for much longer. It got me down a little because we're really close. On the other hand...

Today I received an email from L, a lovely girl I met at the airline interviews. I could almost 'hear' her excitement, she's already at the 'sandpit' and she is loving it!. Her excitement passed onto me as I devoured every tidbit she gave me of her new home and again I realised i wasn't that far off from joining her.

So now the suitcases are out, I'm starting to throw things in, and checking my list (which I started ages ago) to see what I need...and trying to keep my feet on the ground while my head insists on floating away... :)

1 comment:

  1. Aww, sweetie!!! I guess this is it really starting to sink in - the good and the bad. But look at it this way - holidays home will be so much the better for being able to make as mu7ch as you can of the time you have here! :D

    Wow I bet you must be eagerly awaiting any info on your 'new home' as you say!

    I too did the 'packing list' - and I was only going to Sydney for a few weeks! :p

    Just remember - no codeine! ;)

    As for your email, ROFL!!! Girl, I will reply as soon as I stop laughing... hahaha ;)