15 June 2005

Huntsman and Bogons

Edited: 26th June - Photos added.

The long weekend was spent at my lovely neighbor L's property. In my attempt to see the Aussie bush before I head over to the sandpit, she kindly invited me up for the weekend, and boy was it memorable.

We left early Saturday morning for the drive up accompanied my her two sugar filled daughters (and my trusty thermos of hot hot coffee). The ride up alone was an experience in itself. Kids and long journeys don't mix and L had her hands full keeping them entertained. There were songs, made up stories, jokes and all the kids stuff you can think off. In the beginning all this was completely new to me, I didn't know any of the songs so I couldn't sing along but I enjoyed the games - and perhaps even more so because the girls loved it when I joined in.

The power of the mind never ceases to amaze me; one song they were singing sounded so familiar, and as they were going through it all the words came back to me, I even remembered parts they had forgotten! And I can tell you, this song, it must be quite some years when id last heard it and to be able to remember it, something buried ages ago to be preserved and called on again...its impressive.

I want to mention something here, on the drive up L was telling me about a town that now lies under tonnes of water. Apparently a long time ago there was a need to build a dam and the town was located in the perfect spot! So they moved everyone out and flooded it! As we drove by she pointed it out to me and you could see the tops of the old trees sticking out of the water. I took a photo, which I'll post so you can see it too.

The property itself was something entirely different. I spent 2 days in a tin shed, with an earth floor, no plumbing an outdoor loo with no door, had to study by kerosene lamp (no electricity), and the huntsman spiders and Bogon moths kept me company.....heehee. But I absolutely LOVED it!! It was different and it made me appreciate what I have and usually take for granted - besides, the toilet had the best view! I didn't mind the bugs either, surprisingly the huntsman spiders were quite huge but passive and the Bogon bugs helped me study at night...Well they sat on my notes so I'm sure that's what their intention was. :)

The best part was the bush walking. On the first day my neighbor showed me around the property (which is enormous). We spotted some goats, and got rained on till we were soaked through. But there is something about the bush when it rains, the stillness is broken by the sound of the rain and the color changes. Everything is soaked but its almost as though you can see it come alive and drink. There was this one spot which is the favorite of the whole family L tells me, its in the second gully, very green covered in ferns and there is a tree which makes an arc from one side to the other and a view down to some rock formations and more greenery. Here there is a single small rock you can sit on and just take it in. I took some photos and as soon as they are developed I'll post them up so you can see what I'm talking about.

Unfortunately, I had to ask my neighbor to leave early. I debated it a while with myself before I said anything but it all came down to this; I had an exam on Tuesday and there was no way I would get enough study done there or when I got home on the Monday and I couldn't afford to fail (simply because this is my last semester before I move to the sandpit, I wont be able to come back for another one if I fail). She was so understanding and agreed. We spent Sunday there and later she showed me around the nearby town and we arrived home late that night. Though I was reluctant to leave it was a good move, I crammed Monday and the exam went by fairly easily on Tuesday (I don't think I'll fail - fingers crossed though!).

Today I spent some time in the city with some friends who are also trying to get into cabin crew positions. What a contrast!! Everything has its own beauty.

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  1. Aww your weekend 'escape' sounds lovely, glad you got to have a bit of 'time out'... best of luck for your other two exams... and "you've got mail!" =)