02 June 2005

The countdown is on!

Its exactly a month now till I fly out to start a new chapter in my life. I have been very lucky to land (pardon the pun) a job in the Middle East as a flight attendant with a wonderful airline and I cant wait.

The excitement has been bubbling under the surface, but over the next few weeks it will be more and more difficult to contain, and lets face it, why contain it at all??!! Its my dream job and I know i will love doing it.

I dont know how well i'll keep this blog, or what it might evolve into, but i've started it as a way to keep my friends up to date with whats going on with me and a place to serve as a visual diary of my experiences throughout my travels, hence the name of my blog - Globetrotter Postcards. Pictures are worth a thousand words (and more) and i hope to share some of what i see with everyone.

Ive always wanted a blog but I do want to thank Tray for her encouragement.


  1. Hi sweetie, lovely template, it looks gorgeous!!! Can't wait to read all your adventures!

    Now I just gotta get H- to start a blog too! ;)

  2. Anonymous8:35 pm

    funny to see everything in German!!
    Traytable sent me!


  3. Hope you do well in your new job and that you get everything out of it that you want, plus you'll get to see some great countries, cities and people.

    Hope it's part photo blog to show your adventures around the world.

  4. Tray, your such a sweetie, a truely unique kinda gal. You should get H- to start one, Im sure it'll make for an interesting read.

    Thankyou mr-stu, and yes I am going to make this part photoblog, I just haven't gotten a digital camera as yet, so just bear with me a little.